1. I have to admit, spring is not my thing. May sound tragic. But I think this is a common thing, maybe people just don’t dare to talk about it, because now is the time when everything’s supposed to happen, right? Maybe it has to do with all the substances the brain produces when it gets lighter. Or maybe it’s because of all the musts, because you’ve been stuck inside most of the in time the past 6 months. Maybe it’s because of the smell and the feeling of spring in general, that opens up the doors to every spring you ever experienced and you realize that time is more relative than you think. Or maybe because of the love that’s in the air, and some just don’t have anyone to share it with.

    But still it’s better to take walks in the woods when it’s sunny, instead of just sitting around (no shit). And last time I ran into this sweet Ukrainian girl in the deepest woods. Her hair was like the sun itself and we talked and talked til the sun dissapeared between the trees…

  2. Sweden’s never ending winter.. Even the animals complain as much as we do, in their own way.

  3. These photos are taken at Mölndal’s Museum - a cool place to visit outside Gothenburg. In this museum you are able to take a closer look at items that are really old. It feels weird to touch and smell soap/washing powder that’s a hundred years old (or older). Trying out clothes from the time of our great great grand parents is kinda disgusting though. Good looking and lastning design is every where (except for the doll and skeleton above, it felt so sad and strange facing a real skeleton).The chemical shit that’s in every product these days doesn’t exist and you wonder why it’s not possible to create things like this again that doesn’t cost a fortune.

  4. Some days ago I was a part of a christmas market at a very strange place, the ribbon factory. This old place is still running, and all these monstrous machines are built just to make something as small as a shoe lace.

  5. Leaves are leaving.