1. » When birds fly together they are navigated by each other and work as one. Every bird has its focus on selected birds in the herd and this way it all works like a big network of endless connections. No one leads and no one follows. I compare this to my creatvity, I just let it all work together with no clue where it all leads «

    My real name is Susanna Lundgren and I’m a 28 year old photographer / graphic designer / musician / craft maker based in Gothenburg. To create things and to make music has been my biggest passion as far as I can remember. I’ve been playing in a couple of bands for example Solander, Piney Woods, Vit Päls, and I’ve been playing with artists and bands like Peter Broderick, Nils Frahm, Audrey and Ef.

    During my life I must have taken a million pictures. Everywhere I look I see something I want to capture; beautiful moments, unexpected moments, people, beautiful things, animals, abstract things, light, shadow, anything. I can / want to see opportunities in everything. I work a lot with details and I believe this is one of the things that form my style. I’ve been photographing weddings, done model photo shoots and product photos. I’ve also done some graphic design jobs for different people and companies.

    Besides all this I love to create every kind of craft work. Right now I’m spending most of the time at the sewing machine. Creating things from an idea or image in my head, just to make this become real is one of the best things I know.

    I’ve studied Graphic Design, Original Production and Interaction Design at Malmö University for one and a half year. Before that I studied music and singing at Ingesunds Folkhögskola (residential college for adult education) for one year. In high school I studied music at the arts program. If you want your own photoshoot, a photographer for your wedding etc. I would gladly help you to capture moments for life. If you need a graphic designer or just want to use one of my pictures you can just write me and we’ll figure something out!

    You can also contact me if you see any kind of craftwork you would like to have, for example things made out of wool, beads, fabrics or paper, you can always order anything you want. I create things after your wishes. If you’re intrested I’ll send you a price list. If you have further questions or just want to write something, well, contact me at susannalundgen@gmail.com!

    Etsy shop will be up soon…